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We offer our own state-of-the-art new and advanced technology in Underpinning, overcoming the hurdles of confined space, size, costs, and noise pollution.
Using minimal kentledge and small machine footprint that employs the concept of combined static and push pull injection (CSPPI) to drive a group piles.
With the ability to sustain over 160% elastic load without buckling, the Advanced Sheet Piles offers strength to be reckoned with. All thanks to the beautiful Advanced interlocking joint that is flexible and able to rotate inward and bind tightly together, to form a stiff wall ready for the harshest situations.

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Advanced SheetPiles offers the largest cold formed sheet pile that is most competitive in terms of strength to weight ratio. The high performance Advanced SheetPiles sheet piles are manufactured under license from CREST. Our unique patented cold formed interlocks are anti-buckling, anti-jamming and self crimping. In view of our rapid market expansion plans, we welcome potential licensed manufacturers/sole distributors in other regions to contact us.

Advanced SheetPiles are manufactured using advanced cold rolling techniques complying with the European Standard EN10249, Part 1 and 2. The Advanced SheetPiles sheet pile profile, including the interlocking edges is formed entirely by cold rolling from steel coils, and is therefore virtually free from common weakness associated with defective welds.

We are the top leading Sheet pile suppliers, and we offer high quality sheet piles.

The Advantages:

High in performance
Cost effective
High in safety
Aesthetically attractive
Pile is load tested
Low noise and vibration free
No spoil to be removed

The Applications:

Retaining walls on slope
Slope repairs
Pier foundations
Basement walls
Road widening
Flood walls