This patented high performance strength steel grade ASP “w” sheet piles is attributed to the central double rib and terminating curls of the patented interlock that provides this stability and rigidity. Unlike the common small section sheet piles, ASP pile wall has the highest weight to strength ratio hence a very economical affordable alternative to concrete contiguous bored pile wall and conventional RC wall to resists large lateral slopes etc


ASP’s interlocking edges are cold formed integrally unlike the current cold formed sheet piles that has inherent strength and corrosion weakness due to welding. ASP sheet piles can be used for:-


  • Vertical slope retaining wall
  • Highway Embankment
  • Basement walls
  • Retaining walls
  • Breakwaters
  • Seawalls etc

Picture shows a breakwater using ASP sheet piles as in filled caisson at Tanjong Tokong, Penang with a 8m exposed height above the seabed.


Picture showing the centrifuge test conducted at UWA for the ASP wall used as a typical highway slope embankment. It was tested exceeding the normal highway loading without showing any distress in the ASP wall which demonstrates the incredible strength for such a light weight wall.


Another example of the ASP wall used to stabilized a failed slope next to a high valued property in Bukit Rambai, Melaka


Common hot rolled sheet pile are do not have a deep sectional configuration and therefore rely purely on bending of the sheet pile to resist slope collapse.


ASP wall can be used as an effective alternative to rock gabions that disintegrate as the PVC wire mesh is damaged, over-stressed or corroded especially for riverbed


Rock gabions constructed along rivers have drawbacks due to mesh damage and attraction of rubbish, as an alternative the strong stiff ASP walls is both sturdy and esthetic.


The various configuration of the ASP sheet piles can be used effectively for the Malaysian vertical cantilever river wall system very effectively without use of tie-back anchor in urban setting where relocation or disturbances of ground services behind the wall is avoided.  


Use of Sheetpiling

ADVANCED GEOMECHANICS introduces the large, wide and deep section sheet piles that is high in performance and yet cost effective.

The ASP sheet piles is adeptly used as flood walls, rigid stabilizing slope piles, retaining walls, basement walls, cut-off walls, caissons, etc.

Apart from being a Advanced technology Sheet pile supplier, ADVANCED SHEETPILES also manufactures high quality specialized patented foundation equipments for sheet pile driving.

Sheet Pile Driving Machine

The sheet pile driving machine has specialized tri-clamps accessory adaptable to all kinds vibro–hammer

The interlocking edges is anti-jamming, anti-buckling and anti disengaging during pile driving.

ASP offers material cost saving of 25 – 50 % due to its strength/weight ratio compared to the existing large hot rolled/cold rolled sheet piles for respective cross-sectional depths.

Advanced Geomechanics is a leading Sheet pile supplier. Advanced Geomechanics also has a manufacturing plants for sheet pile manufacturing in Suzhou, China.

Examples of Seawall

Seawall examples for Advanced sheet piles

Advanced sheet piles offer robust use, including Seawall, Wharf and Jetty.

Examples of use of large section sheet piles wall for Seawall, Wharf and Jetty

Here Advanced Sheet piles are used for breakwaters and sea reclaimation to help with projects

Examples of use of large section sheet piles wall for Breakwaters and Sea Reclaimation

Strength And Quality Of Cold Formed Sheet Piles

When the price of steel escalates, the need to save material using high quality sheet pile is sought, but of course without compromising on safety. Advanced Sheet Piles cold rolled sheet piles is between 50% – 200% higher in strength to weight ratio compared to thicker hot rolled shett profiles. For a single basement sheet pile wall, the lightest the ASP “w” profile of 34.7kgm² is adequate.

Advanced Sheet Piles and sheet piles are on average between 10% – 75% higher in strength to weight ratio when compared to the cold formed sheet piles by others. In fact, Advanced Sheet Piles O is the only profile that has very high stiffnes, unmatched by any light gauge sheet piles in the market. The rigid Advanced Sheet Piles O wall is specially adept for remedying landslides and is used as heavy duty cantilevered retaining walls.

Advanced Sheet Piles has successfully patented and pioneered the cold rolling of the largest commercial sheet pile using high grade steel. The straightness and precision of the product gives it maximum water tightness and ease of driving. There is every reason to use Advanced Sheet Piles in terms of costs, strength, quality, ease of driving and last but not least: unparalleled high performance.

Comparison of cold rolled ASP vs hot rolled profiles ProfileArbed, HOEST, JFESP

Comparison of cold rolled ASP vs other cold rolled profiles Aceolr, Europile amp; ESC