E & O Breakwaters

The breakwater in Penang was awarded to Advanced Geomechanics Sdn Bhd to provide complete structural design and construction of the sheet piles caisson using 5mm thick Advanced sheet piles. The sheet piles were galvanised and concreted to protect corrosion from the sea water environment. 12m long sheet piles were transported from our factory at Suzhou to the site in Penang where they were welded to 17m long sheet piles for installation.

Although the thickness for sheet piles is only 5mm, it’s provided high strength together with high sections modules. The total sheet piles weight ratio was a huge cost saving in the project for our client. The process of installation of sheet piles with our anti-jaming interlock was easy. The Marina was use as a recreation boat jetty after the breakwater project was completed within 6 months.

Sheet Piles – E & O Breakwaters